Skald: bard tweaks

I'm curious if anyone familiar with the Icelandic sagas (or Northern lit. generally) has taken a stab at creating a 'Skald' class.  

I mean, the skalds were some of the quintessential adventurers of their day: traveling around, raiding, selling their sword and wit to a king or jarl.  Just look at a dude like Egil Skallagrimsson and tell me he wouldn't be right at home in some ACKS campaign.  

The Bard class seems like a good place to start (indeed the ACKS core book suggests as much), but some skalds were just as much merchants and vikings as they were poets, so the 'wandering minstrel' vibe doesn't quite suit what I have in mind.  That is, I'd like to incorporate a) a bit more melee toughness and capability, b) a bit more Venturer-style mercantile savvy, and c) tweak the Inspire Courage ability, which doesn't seem quite to fit how I imagine a fantasy version of skaldic verse would work.

So, again, anyone tackled this already?  If not, I may give it a shot - any suggestions?  

My Varangian ( ) might be a good starting point - swap Bribery for your modified Inspire Courage, maybe. Possibly trade armor down to chainmail, too.

That Varangian looks really interesting, thanks for the link!