So just learned Polymorph self and have a few questions about dragons:

So being an 8th level Mage I can polymorph self into creatures that up to 8HD in size.  This would put me at a juvinile dragon (of course I immidiatly look at dragons, they are the most iconic creatures besides goblins :P ).

Now it says I dont get any secondary or special benifits, like the breath weapon, but what about elemential resist?  Am I immune to my own breath weapon and the breath weapon of other dragons? (I know I dont have a breath weapon, but this is more of a rules lawyer side of me just trying to make sure I got everything understood).

For example their is a forest fire and I if I said I polymorph into a red dragon would I be immune to the regular fire and take half damage from magical fire?  Or would I take full damage like normal?  ie, is the dragon hide more of a phantasmal force than a real scales?

And I assume as I level up I wouldn't get to pick from the dragon special abilities table like fear aura or tail attack.  But good to clarify none the less.

And for a 29 foot long creature, how would Minor Globe of Invulnerability work?  It says 5' from the caster, but usually thats human size... Then again it is a 4th level spell.  Shield woudn't be affected right?  And me wearing gauntlets of Orge power wouldn't boost my claw attacks at all I assume.  (Maybe I can convince the cleric to hop on my back and be a buff healer to help deal with the fact I only have 22 hitpoints.  Santuary, protection from evil sustained, bless, and healing hands would be very helpful from non-burst damage)

(another point about Minor Globe, would a fireball impacting the globe fizzile or explode around it, leaving the people in the globe safe but screwing everyone else outside it though).


Okay the rest of this is off topic so i seperated it with a line.

Now, I haven't been able to use this spell yet, because I also have the most useful spell in the game, wall of wood.
Need a baracade? WALL OF WOOD!!!  Need a 18'x18'x9' cottage to sleep in for the night? WALL OF WOOD!!!  Need a ramp to go over some battlements?  WAAAAAALLLLLLSSSSS OFFFF WOOOOODDDD!!!  Is your fighter bothering you all the time for free potions and magical items that take you months to make?  Well he can probably break down wall of wood pretty easily, so make a small galley and push off from shore and find a new port of call!  Who needs a dragon when I can be the best darn mage for the entire team, sticking the ranger up high on a wooden tower, fencing in a bunch of raiders with the fighter so they can't excape, funneling troop formations into denser killzones for blast weapons, what can't you do with wall of wood?  (hypothetical: if someone dug a ditch, could you wall of wood a buch of sharpened logs on the bottom of the trench real quick or does wall of wood not work like that?)  Cant wait to learn transmute rock to mud, move earth, and transmute mud to rock! :3  

Hello instant dungeons, hello instant towns, hello instant fortifications.  Also hello offtopic ramble, whoops.

Hello! Dragons fall in an awkward place in the rules, since some of their special abilities are physical and some are magical. Here is how I would interpret it:

1. I wouldn't let the dragon form breath fire, but I would allow its resistance to apply.

2. I would allow the dragon form to speak and fly.

3. I would allow the dragon form to select Crushing Claws or Tail Lash as special abilities.

Minor Globe of Invulnerability would not be very helpful to a dragon as spells could target their bodies outside the sphere. They probably need a separate spell, Minor Dragon-Sized Globe of Invulnerability.

A fireball whose detonation point was in the Globe of Invulnerability would fizzle out entirely. A fireball whose detonation point was outside the Globe would fizzle out only where it touched the Globe.

I am glad you are finding utility in Wall of Wood!



Ah thanks for the quick reply!