So, the ACKS Core rulebook was available at Gencon in softcover format, and I had one of my operatives obtain a copy for me. My only question is: will the ACKS Player’s Companion ever be available in the same format?

The ACKS Core softcover was a limited-edition GenCon only release. I believe we only did 40 copies.

Anytime we’ve done a kickstarter, hardcovers have always vastly outsold softcovers. Since our budgets are tight, we generally product only hardcovers in any volume.

I believe, sir, that that was a dodge! It’ll keep my faint hope alive until next year’s Gencon…

I have Swashbuckling Publisher proficiency. It gives me +2 AC versus questions.

Ar ethe new had covers out yet?> We’re using hot glue bindings of the PDFs in little old New Zealand but the spine is cracked already and one of the players is talking about getting a ring binding one made up.

Are the new hard covers out? Sorry no edit function.

My understanding (I am not an Autarch!) is that they were delayed due some additional errata that arose from Domains at War compatibility. As of several weeks ago that was supposed to be about a two month delay.

Actually, another quick question about the softcover: what did it cost? The individual who acquired one for me doesn’t remember what he paid for it, but he has already mailed it and I’d like to reimburse him…

That’s correct!

It looks like we sold the softcovers for $40.