Some v3 Errata

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Page 16
The Warrior Monk Template still has the v2 equipment selection, and so doesn’t jive with the revised versions on page 44.
Page 44
The explanations of the weapons at the bottom of the Mystic Templates are caught between a rock and a hard place in terms of space as there are a couple more that probably need explaining just as much if not more (like the double-ended cumberjung flail), not to mention the poor old khanda not being mentioned or described. So, I’ve played around with the text to see if I can fit more for you into exactly the same space, and managed it with this:

  • A war ring (chakram) is a sharpened metal hoop 4.5” in diameter. Treat as a dart.
  • An elephant trunk blade (xiang bi dao) is a pole arm with a chopping head like the trunk of an elephant.
  • A coiling blade (urumi) is an edged 4-5’ band of thin steel, flexible enough to be tightly coiled. Treat as a whip.
  • A double bladed dagger (haladie) is a dagger with a blade attached to each end of the handle. Treat as a short sword.
  • A set of tiger’s claws (bagh nakh) are five small curved blades affixed to a glove or handgrip. Threat as a dagger.
  • A tulwar is a short, curved blade similar to a scimitar. Treat as a short sword.
  • A double-ended flail (cumberjung) is a wooden handle with a wooden striking head reinforced with a sharp metal ring at each end, attached with stout cord. Treat as a flail.
  • The pair of swords used in several templates are khandas, double-edged broadswords with blunt tips and handguards.
    Page 62 – Zaharan Custom Classes
    The 3rd paragraph accidentally refers to the Zaharans as Nobirus due to the cut-and-paste used.

Thanks, Colin. I’ll get this cleaned up.


  • Control Animals spell says “wyverns cannot be controlled by this //potion//”.
  • Reincarnate spells says “identical to the //3rd// level Arcane spell”.

All of this has been cleaned up. Thanks.

Page 54: The Fighting Value chart says a mage’s attack throw progresses at +2 per 6 levels.
The mechanics section below it says mages progress at +2 per 5 levels.
Page 55: Narrow Weapon Selections: Where do darts fit in? DO they go with group (vi) bolas/nets/slings/saps/staff?

P54: It’s two points per 6 levels.
P55: Darts fit in with group (vi).

A bit more:

  1. In the Paladin’s level titles, they currently go:
    Paladin Lord, 10th level
    Paladin Lord, 11th level
    Paladin Lord, 11th level
    Paladin Lord, 11th level
    I’m guessing it should’ve been 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th.
  2. In the paladin’s holy fervor entry, the opening bracket is missing before “Guardian”.
  3. The paladin’s Champion template, both in the main class entry and later template selection, notes that it has “banded mail” armour. This should be “banded plate” armour (which is correctly used in the other paladin templates).

Thanks, good catches.