Spammers, Forum Problems, and You!

Hi folks -  There may be some website and forum changes impacting usability and performance in the next couple days. As you may have noticed, we've been under siege by spammers, so we have to respond appropriately. Please hang in there!


I spent some time this afternoon blocking the accounts of spammers. I was as careful as I could be—I checked for non-spam posts, I cross-checked account information against, and if I wasn’t sure, I left the account in place. If someone got blocked who shouldn’t have, however, I only blocked the account (it’s still there, it just can’t post), so emailing Autarch can get you reinstated fairly quickly.

I only went back 10 days. The majority of spam I’ve been seeing and cleaning up lately has come from accounts that signed up, then waited a few days, and then spewed their vomit all over the forum. So hopefully this has closed down all of the spammers who are pursuing that strategy.

Going forward, a more technical and less manual solution is hopefully available.