Specialists and Commissioning

Let’s say I have an armorer that lives and works in a Class IV town (he’s the only one).
He can produce 40gp worth of weapons, armor or shields each month.
However, under the commissioning rules, it says other equipment besides buildings, vehicles and animals takes 1 day per 5gp value.
Let’s say I want to commission chainmail. That’s 40gp, right? A month’s worth of work for the armorer.
Except, it only takes 8 days to produce and in a Class IV town, since it’s counted as one price category less, up to 5 suits of chain can be produced.
This math doesn’t add up to me. It seems like the armorer should be able to produce 5gp per day period, or, 5gp x 30 days, 150gp per month of equipment, or 3 suits of chainmail (which falls in under the number available).
What’s up with this?
My PCs are in a Class IV town and they’re commissioning gear left and right. Just wondering how I should be adjudicating this… Focus on the 5gp per day rule? Or, the 40gp per month rule? Or, some mix?

The “commissioning rules” assume that the craftsmen are organized efficiently. In ACKS, an efficiently organized craftsman is a craft workshop consisting of master + 2 journeymen + 4 apprentices, who can create 160gp of product each month. 160gp / 30 days = 5.3gp per day. I rounded this down to 5gp per day.
Therefore, if you commission a workshop to create a suit of chainmail (40gp) its going to take (40/5) 8 days. An armor laboring by himself would take 30 days to make the chainmail, but a workshop of 7 working as a team can do the chainmail in 8 days and have time to work on other projects thereafter.
Obviously my assumption here is that the master, journeyman, and apprentice can collaborate (or at least work around the clock) rather than work in parallel on different projects. That’s an arguable assumption, but it seemed to work better in practice. Players can understand “come back in a week to get your chainmail” but “come back in a month to get your chainmail” seems wierd.
I hope that clears it up.

Thanks! That makes sense to me.