Specific Example

In various excellent sections there are mechanics given for creating hideouts, realms, etc. It would help novice referees a lot if there are three to six completely worked out examples. Much like the Regina subsector appeared in the Traveller Book. This can be a supplement.
If the Auran Empire setting is used as a backdrop then pick locales that would be usable in most D&D style fantasy campaign rather than one that are highly specific to Auran. Then you get the benefits being both useful to Auran referees and to referees using their own settings. Plus it could serve as a Rosetta stone showing what the setting has in common with a typical D&D style setting.
The folks did this with Harnmanor where they not only included the mechanics for creating and running a medieval manor but also four completely worked examples that were representative of medieval society (but set on Harn). I found this very helpful in using the product when I got it a couple of years back.