Spell Power Guidelines Gap

I realize this it is probably too late at this point for feedback, but I noticed that the spell power guidelines do not appear to have costs for such things as adding a temporary bonus to a weapon or for temporarily enhancing a target’s attack throws.

Perhaps it might still be possible to squeeze in some general guidance on how to set base costs and mulitpliers for effects that are not covered by the tables?

Hi Traigan, you are correct - there's no "buff" spell mechanic. That was by design, as I tend to think the overwhelming number of buff spells that appear in other D&D variants is part of why those games have such severe balance problems.

If you want to create "buff" spells, you can add some Effect Modifiers to the Transmogrification types, perhaps, or the Protection spell types.

When I saw that Protection from Evil was a sustained effect, I thought “cool! That’s exactly how they were envisioned in my favorite fantasy stories!”
(in this case it has a ‘dispel’ effect too!)

It always annoyed me that I’d see this cool barrier generated in stories or cutscenes for games, but in gameplay it was a lame “you walk around with + defense”

The rules conveying this kind of imagery really adds to the experience!