Spells in individual and mass combat.

Alex, you and I have talked about CHAINMAIL’s fireball and lightning bolts. Another thing struck me today when I was reading through the spell section and it concerns the eventual use of your spells outside of the dungeon enviornment.
massmorph (hides units: a la Macbeth)
hallucinary terrain
phantasmal force (from the sci-fi novel by whatshis name, literally creating a phantasmal force of soldiers)
rock to mud (One turns terrain into swamps from rock and the other turns impassble swamps into passable terrain for units.)
fireball (more as a siege weapon against walls)
lightning bolt (ditto)
haste (double troop movement)

  1. transmute rock to mud is on the list, but I don’t see it in the alphabetical listing, shouldn’t it be between “tongues” and “true seeing”? Anyway, in ad&d the spell could be overpowered when people turn ceilings into mud. I believe the intention is for “the ground” only. There is a nice thread at dragonsfoot discussing it. My last post on page 4 quotes the short story written by gygax that has mordikanien casting it against an iron golem–backing up my point I believe.
  2. haste. You have it set at 1 person per level. I understand this is to balance the extra attack in “dungeon exploration” with a party of heroes, but I feel there should be some option for this spell in mass combat which effects a large number of men, but only for how fast they march. Perhaps a “fleet foot” spell or some such.
  3. how do you see phantasmal force working in mass combat?
  4. are there other spells I’m missing that anyone would like to bring up?
  5. a point on catapults. You have large galley being able to cary “two light catapults” but I believe in your write up of catapults there is only 1 type that unspecified. My offer is to say light catapults are 5’ diameter and heavy are 10’. Right now it appears you just have one catapult with a range of 150-300’ and a damage of 3d6. Might I suggest one catapult–the light which does 2d6 and the heavy which does 4d6?

Great catch on Transmute Rock to Mud! What an oversight.
Heavy Catapults were included in the Weapon and Equipment List but then not mentioned in the Ship to Ship rules.
As far as your other questions, most of it is covered in the Domains of War supplement…