Sphinx statblock

Can we have one, please?
Sphinx appears in the wilderness tables in the core book, but is not described anywhere that I can see. (Noticed this as I rolled one today, though happily stats weren’t needed…)

hearing the monster’s call…from becmi:
Type Fantastic Creature (large)
% in Lair 40%
Dungeon Enc. 1-2
Wilderness Enc. 1-4
Alignment Any
Movement 60’, (120’) (fly)
AC 9
HD 12*****
Attacks 2 claws, 1bite or roar
Damage 3d6, 3d6, 2d8
Save As Fighter 24
Morale +2
Treasure H, N
XP 5.700
A sphinx has a winged lion’s body and a human face. Sphinxes love puzzles and trivia and characters may avoid combat by solving their (rather difficult) riddles.
Sphinxes are highly intelligent and capable spellcasters: females have the spellcasting abilities of a 12th level cleric, while these of a 12th level mage. Their magic is so powerful, that all saving throws against their spells have a -4 penalty.
A sphinx can use its terrifying roar instead of making claw-bite attacks and can use it twice per day. Every creature within 120’ of a roaring sphinx must make a saving throw vs. spells of flee in fear for 1d6 turns. Every creature within 60’ of a roaring sphinx must save vs. fear (as above) and must also make a saving throw vs. paralysis or be stunned for 1d6 rounds. Every creature within 10’ of a roaring sphinx must save vs. fear, save vs. stun and takes 6d6 points of damage and is deafened (no save).
A sphinx is immune to all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level spells and to non-magical weapons.