Spoils of War and Officers

My campaign's PCs are approaching the point of engaging in (small scale) mass combat and I'm trying to get my head around the Domains at War rules. One thing that's still confusing me is how Spoils of War are allocated among officers. The troops part is straightforward, but how do you split Spoils among commanders? if they're all PCs then naturally they can split it how they like, but if henchmen act as commanders, what are their expectations? Also how are lieutenants treated? Are they treated as troops, as commanders of 1 unit, or as something else?

Hm. Yea, the XP from spoils example doesn't include any subcommanders.


Alex leaves it to the judge in an answer there.

I think the intent may have been that since the commanders (and LTs, assumedly?) get XP, they should be happy with their higher wages.


I see. In that case I think I'll use the following rule for my campaign:

Commanders expect that no more that 50% of the officers' share of Spoils of War will go to the army leader. The remaining sum is customarily split among the commanders in proportion to their units. NPC commanders who do not receive their due will react as if they had gone unpaid.

Since lieutenants are not commanders they recive spoils of war as troops. Their wage for the purpose of deciding their share is considered to be that of a mercenary lieutentant (400 GP).  A lieutenant of a platoon gets a quarter this much (100 GP), and the lieutenant of a battalion or a brigade gets treasted as having the wage of a mercenary Captain (1600 GP) or Colonel (7250 GP) respectively.

Personally, I awarded lieutenants shares as though they were commanders controlling a single unit. (IE: So if there's three commanders that each commanded four units, and also eight lieutenants, then you split the rewards into 20 shares, with each commander getting four shares.)

That makes sense. I decided to go the other way because lieutenants seem bound to a particular unit. If I'm reading the rules right they don't get XP for combat (it only mentions the army leader and commanders in that section), so I decided they should act as big soldiers rather than small commanders.

That's also fair; the argument for big soldiers is solid. My thinking was just that usually lieutenants are PCs or their beloved henches, so giving them a little more of the spotlight made sense for my game.