Square towers

I came across a diagram showing overlapping fields of fire of ballistae in square towers. Each tower reminds me of a ship, with three decks, one ballista each face of three sides of each deck (9 ballistae per tower). The two lower level ballistae are large, the upper level medium. The Greeks placed (or planned; a picture is provided of the remains of the walls of the city of Aigosthena, showing only one ballista “deck”) six of these towers approximately 100 meters apart, with three additional ballistae in each wall. The fields of fire in front of this “section” show any given spot in range could be hit by 3-15 ballistae, but usually 9-12 ballistae.

I wondered what a section of these things would cost in ACKS, and ran into square towers.

ACKS and D@W:C have round towers, and D@W:C says “Square towers costs 50% less but are -1 AC.”

I first tried to fit a square to a circle, but that doesn’t produce nice round numbers. So, I thought maybe I should wrap a wall into a square. Has anyone created square tower costs?

Similarly, I think we should start a catalog of historical (and other) fortifications priced out for ACKS. I haven’t seen such a thing, have you?

That would be a very cool idea.

A catalog of diffent types and styles of houses, villas, fortifed villas, fortesss etc.

It would be very helpful for players who have no Layman knowledge of these kinds of strucutre to be able to see a picture of something and go "Ohhh I want that!" Then you can tell them how much it would cost to build it.

I know a lot of players look at the rules for constrution and domain management, then throw up their hands and say screw it. Even with a system as good as ACK, most players are not going to be interested.