SSoS: Another Elf Bites The Dust

Ran the Sinister Stone of Sakkara for my regular group today, which I'm rather happy to say went well despite my 56 hour work week cutting into my prep time. Unfortunately for the PCs two players couldn't make it, which left four (bladedancer, two spellswords and a bard) along with four recruited soldiers from the fort to venture out into the forest. They did well at first, dispatching some random striges and finding the temple after following some tracks near a bandit attack site. They surprised the kobold guards with missile fire but didn't manage to stop one from escaping to warn the others. And then three turns later the wandering orcs showed up just as they opened the west door in room 19.

At first they took advantage of their surprised enemies to parlay themselves out of a fight and were about to be led by the uncertain beastmen to their leader, when one particularly impulsive elf (Wisdom of 3) decided to pull his weapons and get everybody in trouble. They took out most of the orcs with some well orchestrated battle tactics (armored fighters in front, shooters/casters/polearms in back), but those last beastmen managed to retreat and, well...

Remember that kobold that got away? He came back. With all fourteen of his friends.

Body count: four dead henchmen, whose morale never broke despite the odds, and one very dead spellsword. I'm guessing the temple's going to have some new decorative head spikes next time they have visitors.

The others managed to escape with their tails firmly between their legs. Hopefully the other two players will be able to be there next time. maybe then the party will get more than three rooms in before things turn sour. Meanwhile the spellsword's player rolled up a Dwarven Fury with really good stats, so it's not a total loss. :)

Nice! As Stalin once said, 1 kobold is a nuisance. 14 kobolds and you're a statistic. Or something.