Stronghold Building at the Dawn of RPGs

Over at the Play-Generated Maps and Documents Archive, curator Tim Hutchings is displaying some fantastic stuff donated by Bill Owen dating back to the campaign his future partner in Judges Guild, Bob Bledsaw, began after purchasing the original Dungeons & Dragons books at Gen Con in August of 1974.

To prepare for Autarch’s upcoming games at Gary Con IV I am currently looking at a stronghold floor plan, comparing it to an illustration of the castle it depicts to help understand the spatial relationships, and calculating the cost of building this structure in the Adventurer Conqueror King System. What’s fascinating to me about the drawings Bill donated to PlaGMaDA is that his castle map presents exactly the information I’m finding essential to playing an ACKS scenario involving domain management.

Bill wrote: "Balto the Earless' castle that I drew for our 1974-1975 D&D fantasy campaign in Decatur IL. Not used in Judges Guild that I remember." Click for link to the PlaGMaDA archive entry.

Another image from the archive shows that the Judge for that campaign recorded the same information for the castle’s owner that would be invaluable to an ACKS judge planning to use Balto the Earless in play:

Bob notes "Balto the Earless NPC description card written by Bob Bledsaw." Click for link to PlaGMaDA archive.


I love the fact that the 20th level lord has an INT of 5.

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