Stupid Class Stronghold Question

What stronghold does my new (hypothetical) class get if it has the following build point values?
Hit Dice 1, Fighting 1, Divine 1, Arcane 1
(I would accept “That’s a stupid class and you get no stronghold” as an answer.)

I ran into the same problem when making an “accidental hero” class with Hit Dice 3, Fighting 1. The idea was to have an alternative class so that bumbling 0-level sidekicks don’t have to mature into badass fighters, so I wasn’t that worried about strongholds. But, knowing my players, somebody will look on it as a role-playing challenge and want to play one, so it would be good to know the official rule.

Guys - you’ve done me the favor of finding a loophole in the rules. At present, characters without at least 2+ in an area don’t qualify for a stronghole, but that wasn’t the intent. They should qualify at that point based on their saving throw progression. I’ll update the rules accordingly.
HD 3, Fighting 1 = Fighter castle
HD 1, Fighting 1, Divine 1, Arcane 1 = Mage sanctum