Suitability of other OSR resources for monsters with ACKS

I know that the received wisdom with OSR games is that “we’re all compatible!” and that “real GMs just can eyeball it!”. However, I’m about to just start playing ACKS, and I’m (a) reasonably lazy, and (b) not conversant enough yet with my memory of how the OSR rule gestalt works that I have a potentially foolish question:
Do we have some notion about how easy it is to use other OSR system’ monsters in ACKS? I’m eyeing the Complete Tome of Horrors (Swords & Wizardry edition) and thinking it might make a wonderful addition to my bag of tricks, but I wonder – how much effort is involved in translating from S&W to ACKS? I assume not much – but do we have a recommended way to move from S&W stats to ACKS stats?
I do understand there isn’t going to be a completely one-button solution for these kinds of things, but having some clue about how ACKS AC maps onto other OSR AC systems, how the treasure systems map onto each other, XP ranges, and so on, would be very helpful.

A lot of your answers are here, including a couple of d20 monsters converted to ACK. (The Aboleth has some typos that are corrected in the next post.)

Cool – thanks for the redirect.