super-cheap original ACKs Art Sale (emptying my studio!)

Hi all -


I'm packing things up in my studio as I get ready to move overseas and I'd like to get rid of a lot of these old drawings and a couple of paintings. I'm selling them at very inexpensive prices to try and make that happen. many of these artworks were published in the ACKs core rules, both supplements, and a few other OSR publications. Feel free to make an offer on any of the more expensive works, and I'd be happy to cut a deal if you're interested in buying more than one.


Take a look:


Happy gaming,


Some awesome stuff, I’d give my leftie for the Core Book cover (I’ve got 4 kids already, so don’t need it anyway!). But a trip to the UK means zero disposable, good luck with your sale and the move.

ps Are you moving anywhere exciting? Moving is a pain but I have lived all over the world and it can’t be beat.

We're moving to Qatar - it should be exciting and will allow us to travel a little. I can't wait! 

Holy cow this is awesome. Trying to scrape together some cash…

I purchased the flaming skull from the front of the spells section :slight_smile: … really looking forward to getting it!