Sword-Mage Collection [unofficial]

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What copyright should I put in for you?

Taarkoth’s fine

Not a contest entry as it’s just the barebones build notes, but I threw this together to see what a vanilla warrior-mage style class might look like:


Base XP: 2725
HD d6
Fighting +2/3 levels
Styles: 2-Handed, Single Weapon
Armour: Broad (chain or lighter)
Weapons: Broad (any one-handed or two-handed melee)
Arcane: 1/3
1st level: Arcane Dabbling + Weapon Focus
4th level: Battle Magic
10th level: Arcane Striking

Well crap. Rereading my PC I just realized I’d missed the line about Flesh Runes counting as 3 custom powers. Back to the drawing board.

Time is running short, and that is the motivation I needed to start putting things together. This is my first custom class, so please let me know if there are any errors with the math. I have made a gnome 2, fighter 2, with 2 swaps.
I am not very familiar with the OGL, please add whatever is needed to share it.


Just checked in to see how this was going, and noticed your status listed for my entry: “Will be in the PDF when I have appropriate copyright information.”

Not sure what that means, exactly. Perhaps this is related to some quotes that I included from fantasy novels? If so, the sources are cited, and they are relatively short passages that should not require copyright. If that doesn’t satisfy you, then just remove the quotes.

Thanks again.

What it means is: how should I credit you in the PDF?

Ah. Gotcha. Thanks. Just by username: “ABPos.”

Elf men are from Mars, elf women are from Venus. When the planets align, they are able to open portals to Earth, where they seek to prove themselves worthy of a mate.

Here’s my Martian Spellsword class. It’s pretty solidly based on the Elven Spellsword, but there are enough differences that it’s worth posting here.

(Attribute me as Witness, please.)

Okay! Edited the problems and still only a 4 point class! Woo!


Apologies for not keeping up the PDF updates. I’ve been very busy the last week. I should have an update either tomorrow or Monday - it will include some fixed errors, and the new classes I was given permission to include.

Google Docs won't let me cut and paste the text from the Thrassian Dweomerclaw, so it is not being included in the PDF, because I'm not going to retype that.

Update completed. After carefully checking, it appears I only had permission for five, and one of the five I couldn’t acquire the text from, because Google Docs uses JavaScript to break browser functionality.

Microsoft Word file for the dweomerclaw since Google Docs was being a poopy head:



(thread necromancy; always wanted to do that)


“A version of this class previously appeared as the Deathdealer, in response to an impromptu contest on the Autarch forums. I wanted a less specific, more flexible version of that class, and the Magus is the result.”