Sword-Mage Collection [unofficial]

The Autarch folks can jump in, naturally, and I’m not offering any contest rewards or judgement, but I thought it might be a good idea to stop hijacking abpos’ house rule post with contest entries or discussion.

  1. If you have a mixed fighter/mage class you would like to share, share it in this thread, so we can discuss and ooh and ah. It's fine with me if you have posted it elsewhere and just link to it here.
  2. If you would like, I am putting together a PDF, and I will include your class in it. Check the link for an example of what it will look like. A few specific notes on that:
    • Tell me you would like your class included, and what name you want it attributed to.
    • If there is an OGL resource you are drawing from, please let me know the copyright text to include.
    • I will copy edit (lightly), but I will not do developmental or substantive editing, or a heavy copy edit.
    • There is no art budget.
  3. I will also make an RTF available (less attractive format, and sans bookmarks, clickable links, and proper paging, but more accessible) of any classes I have permission to include in the document.
That's it: consider sharing your genius!

Below is a list of the contest entries:

Thank you for agreeing to organize this!

You may include my entry in your compilation. An OGL declaration for the class would be the declaration from the ACKS Player’s Companion (only), plus: “The Deathdealer”, http://www.bythisaxe.com/ Author Charles Myers


The file has been updated with the Deathdealer. Note that I made some small text edits: mostly conforming the initial acquisition of powers to a consistent third-person plural, and adjusting numerals and format to fit the document style.

In the other thread, zapicm asked about limitations. Personally, I would restrict it to 4 build points and arcane casters. More than that, where's the challenge? Other races are fine, of course (a 4-point build of a thrassian mage, for example, might be very interesting).

Here is my original Warden class which is a more traditional fighter/mage split. Mage 2, Fighter 1, HD 1


I’ve started putting together custom races and classes for my ACKS edit of “Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea”.

Here is the Hyperborean race:


And here is the “Half-Breed Spellsword” class:


(Nothing too novel, but I figured it fit the theme of the original post.)

Fantastic! Should we make this an Official Contest? Entrants can be from now until March 31st. All entries must be OGL. The winning entry will be judged by Autarch and will receive a playtest sneak peek at an upcoming Autarch product.

This contest is a great idea. Please add my Sword Sorcerer into the running. http://www.autarch.co/forums/house-rules/new-classsword-sorcerer

Tywyll, k-slacker, and abpos, would you also like your builds included in the PDF I put together?

A small errata to the deathdealer, from the author, and I’ve added the RTF.

Swordmages PDF
Swordmages RTF

I may be dropping the RTF idea. Converting the text down to something viewable in most RTF viewers was more of a pain than I’d expected. It might have been easier if I’d started with RTF and then done layout :-(.

At any rate, only two classes have been submitted for inclusion at present, but there are others linked in this thread. So far we’ve had quite a bit of variety: some that are excellent fighters, others that are strong casters with enough fighting to be dangerous.

I have one submission in mind. From there to paper there is a long way, but I will make it happen before the deadline.

As a bonus, I am thinking on incorporating the participating classes in the character generator. At this point there are no templates submitted for the contest, but if anyone adds that information it can be incorporated too.

I have updated the original post with a list of each of the classes being put up for consideration. I will try to keep that up to date.

Feel free to add mine to the PDF.

Added, and thank you. I’ve credited you as Tywyll a.k.a. Micah Blackburn (from your blog name). If you would prefer something else, let me know.

Nope that rocks. :smiley:

No problem. Use Sword-sorcerer for whatever. Starting to playtest soon. May have changes from lessons learned.

Here’s the Thrassian Dweomerclaw.

In Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers, “warlocks” are a kind if fighter/mage. Here is an ACKS-compatible version:


Also, here is the full-blooded Hyperborean Spellsword to go with my half-breed class:


How should the credit and copyright read?

Very nice! Would you like to have it included in the PDF collection?