Does anyone know if an area map of Telluria (the putative default setting for Dwimmermount) was ever included in any campaign materials, stuff sent to Autarch, and so on?  I didn't see one on James' blog.

I recently started a Dwimmer-game, and as characters die and get replaced, it'd be useful to have a world map for adding more color to character origins.

Well, there is this…

Blackmarsh fits in pretty well. Viz is essentially Refined Azoth.

I plan on having some more posts in that series up that make some attempt to explore the appearance of viz/refined azoth in the Blackmarsh area and how that would interface with the mage's domain game.

…and that being said, I don’t think there was anything ever produced for the “world” surrounding Dwimmermount; I think he was just using the Outdoor Survival map for the immediate area.

Aside from any light references in the DM book, I think you’re pretty free to do whatever.

Rob Conley connects the above with a map from Fight On #3 here:

…which was originally designed to connect with the Wilderlands, which wouldn’t be a bad source of “far away places” for Dwimmermount.

Thanks for the discussion.  I searched JM's blog, cross-posted over at Mages of the Mountain - I'm beginning to think the areas outside of the Dwimmermount vicinity were just broadly sketched names - Volmar, Thule, and Kingdom of the Priest-King.  In ACKS terms, we have a 5-6 mile per hex regional map, but no 24 mile per hex campaign map.

I don't know much about Blackmarsh, is it ACKS-campaign sized?  I also saw CharlesDM planted Dwimmermount in Mystara - I'm really familar with that setting.

Otherwise, I guess this is an opportunity to get off my keister and create a map for "Beedo's Telluria".

Blackmarsh's worth a look. It's free on DTRPG.

It is good stuff, as Bobloblah reports. It's a little smaller, map-wise, than the 'default ACKS region' - 19 by 27 hexes rather than the 30 by 40.

But it's a really well designed area and would be easily extrapolated onto the larger regional map.

I made an attempt at mapping the default Blackmarsh into ACKS terms here:

with a higher-than default population density - which is good, because I'm pretty sure I'm using the same densities Alex did with Dwimmermount, so it should work out just fine.