Templates and Money

For those of us who want to make our own templates, how much money do you typically use to build the starting equipment lists?

If I remember right, the costs of the equipment in a few of the templates tallied between 90-110g; I suspect that it’s left to the discretion of the judge whether a template should be on the high or the low side of average.

For 99% of the templates, it follows this pattern:
3-4 40gp
5-6 60gp
7-8 80gp
9-10 100gp
11-12 120gp
13-14 140gp
15-16 160gp
17-18 180gp
The “default” templates mentioned in each class description are always either the 9-10 or 11-12 template, i.e. the most average ones.
In a few templates I did stray from this, but for the most part it’s strictly followed.

That seems logical, since the templates are specifically designed to replace money rolls. Thanks!

ACKS does try to be mathematically logical, for good or for ill!