Termaxian Passkeys

Just had a thought about the passkeys which can alter behavior of many denizens or constructs throughout the complex. Often, the wording says that an effect will be suppressed if anyone is openly wearing a Termaxian passkey. If the party only has a 1 or 2 members wearing one, is that sufficient to keep the effect from triggering. Or was the intent that each person in the party needs to be wearing & displaying a passkey. 

Example: Level 3A, room #62: 'if anyone enters Vault of the Words (room 63) without possessing a Termaxian passkey ...'



No insight into the actual author's intent, but I read it to mean that at least one passkey needs to be visible and the whole party can get through based on that implied invite.

Ahh, yes, my thought exactly. Glad it wasn't just me that had that impression!  Thanks for replying. 

That's how I did it as well. One per group, must be in line of sight and close enough to be considered a group, and must be visible.


That's how I run it as long as one key is present all can pass.

That is also the way I handled it.  The module does specifically mention that ome creatures on the prison level require a passkey for EACH character, so the assumption is that one for all is enough elsewhere.