Test of Dice Roller

I actually think the edit is doable for the majority of rolls during a game. The only time it’s really cumbersome is character creation, which involves a lot of rolls. Does everyone have edit privileges in the Play By Post sub-forum?

You may want to consider an external solution. I used PbP map for a long time for our play-by-post game, and they have a fairly robust rolling system, as well as a surprisingly handy map-making tool.

They do now (previously they could edit their own forum topic posts, now it’s all their posts)

I’ll check into it.

Kittens what say you?





Yea, I'll look into that this weekend.

It's fixed now.

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.


What is the technology behind the dice roller? I ask because I cannot see the dice roller results using Safari on iOS. I was wondering if another browser would support the dice roller on iOS, or if it is limited to Windows PCs (which is where I can see the dice roller; it may work on other platforms I don’t use).

Internally, it's attaching the dice roll results as an entry in the database linked to the post in which it was made - as such, it's separate from the post itself and therefore not editable by anyone. 

I know it works in Chrome/FireFox on Windows (and IE) and Linux - the interface you see to it is a collapsible DIV class in CSS. 

You can't see the results (i.e., posts above have no dice rolls in them?) or you can't see the initial  'Roll Dice' option under the posting window (inbetween the bottom of the editing window and the "Save/Preview" button?
I don't know if I have an iOS device available to me to test with. If you could try Chrome on iOS and see if the behavior is different, that would narrow down our scope. Additionally, if you could send a screenshot of what you're seeing in Safari and Chrome when you try that to webmaster @ autarch.co, that'd help as well.

I can now view dice rolls on the forum using Safari on iOS, when logged in or not logged in. Thank you!




Just testing this out.

More testing

You have to make a comment before you can roll the dice.

I cannot roll dice!

some stats, if I can get this to work