Thank You!

Hello everyone! I’ve just gotten settled in after my trip to GenCon and I wanted to say thank you to all our backers for helping us not just hit our goal but blow past it!
GenCon was a smashing success for us. We had one and sometimes two simultaneous gaming groups running until 3am every night of the show, exploring the borderlands of the Auran Empire, and getting to see some of the domain and mass combat rules in action.
Backers at the show got their signed Pre-Release books already, and the rest are going to be sent out this week. Meanwhile, I’m going to be cracking into the long-awaited Gamemaster Information section of the rules, as well as updating the game with lots of errata, corrections, and new ideas from our backers.
Stay tuned as over the next few weeks we’ll be publishing both updates to the game and “errata notes” for the use of those with the pre-release book.

I realized that when I grabbed my pre-release book at the GenCon demo after backing the project on Kickstarter, it didn’t actually occur to me to ask for signatures while I was there. Is there any way I could somehow trade my copy via mail or PayPal the cost of another book or some other option? If it’s a hassle (which it almost guaranteedly is), it’s not a problem at all - signatures actually don’t matter too much to me anyway, but I figured I’d ask! :slight_smile:

Glad it was a success. Sounds like it was a lot of fun.
Now if only you could come over here to Oz for our conventions :slight_smile:

Mad Lord of Milk, if you want to meet at I could get you one in person - looks like it’s halfway between us - otherwise you can send me the one you have and PayPal the shipping for me to swap it for one of the signed ones.
Kalt, I was in New Zealand this summer and had a blast, I would love to head down under as soon as I find an excuse!