The ACKS FAQ Living Document

As per Alex's request, from now on, any time you can't find something in the rulebook, post about it here and I'll update this post. I'd start with an example but I can't recall just now.

  1. ACKS core:
    1. ENCOUNTER FREQUENCY: How often do I roll?
      1. RULE: Check for a random encounter every hex and night when travelling through wilderness, every week in borderlands terrain, and every month in civilized domains.
      2. SOURCE: In the Campaign section, under mage dungeons.
  2. Player's Companion:
  3. Domains at War:

This thread might be a good place to start;

This post in particular about wandering monster frequency in various kinds of land (settled, borderlands, wilderness) is one that I did not figure out from the rulebook, and didn’t know until seeing it on the forum.

Filling out a character sheet to "get the feel of the game" ...made a Dwarven Craftpriest.  On the character sheet for this stuff below..I couldn't find it right away.   I posted a Proficiency question here on the forum and they pointed out this stuff is buried on page 92/93 under Dungeon Adventures:

Open Door
Detect Secret Door
Hear Noise
Find Traps

Circling back around to ACKS again...and found this "living document" hasn't been touched since I was in it 6 months ago- guess this thing needs some life support.   :)