The ACKS Player's Companion PDF is Finished!

I am glad to announce that our work on the Player's Companion is done! Everyone who helped make this project a reality deserves a round of applause.


I just sent out a round of emails to this project's backers, in case they didn't see the Kickstarter announcement on Thursday. If you didn't get that email either, hopefully this post will alert you to log into Kickstarter and look at the updates for info on how to download the PDF.


If you pre-ordered the Player's Companion through Game Salute, they should be sending you download instructions soon (if they haven't already). We don't have access to their list of pre-orders, but if you send your Game Salute receipt to we can hook you up in the meantime.


The PDF will go on sale at DriveThruRPG, Paizo, e23, etc. - and shift from pre-order to on-sale status at Game Salute - once we make sure that all our backers have had theirs for a while. I'll make another post when that happens.


The hardcover Pllayer's Companion should reach backers in the second week of January, and go on sale a while after that. We just received and corrected the proofs from our printer McNaughton & Gunn, so the hardback run should be headed to the presses soon!


Does the PC have a proper PDF index? I still find the ACKs core book PDF to be very difficult to use without one (and think it would be keen if it were updated).

The Player's Companion has both bookmarks (the thing with tabs in the left sidebar) and a hyperlinked table of contents.

The ACKS core PDF has also been updated to have bookmarks. Let me know how you got it originally and we'll figure out how to get the update.

Yes, and very well bookmarked, I might add, like the core book. It was certainly a pain having to root through the pdf during a game, but having early access to the material was great so I can’t complain. :slight_smile:

I ordered the Book & PDF bundle from Game Salute.

Thank you very much for your help in getting the updated file.

Now I’m confused. There are two versions in the download section. One under Publication topic from Dec-3rd Version 718, uploaded by gregoj and one under Players Companion section, uploaded by Tavis Dec-5 Version 1. Both of the same size and same filename ACKS_PC_20121202, except for an appended DL for Tavis’…

They're identical, the duplication is just so that people who are used to looking for it in the Player's Companion section will have a file to find there.

I sent the updated file to Game Salute, and asked for their help in getting a message about the new file out to everyone who picked it up from them. In the meantime, I updated the PDF at Bits & Mortar and sent you a download code from there.

I ordered the Player’s Companion PDF but the link that was sent by GameSalute only allowed me to download the main ACKS rulebook which I already had.

I think you sent an email to and we were able to take care of it, but if not please do!

Any news on the hardcovers? I pre-ordered (I missed the kickstarter campaign), and haven’t heard anything in a while about when I might expect it. (Other than your mention of backers getting it in the second week of January above).

Just curious when to expect my book! I’m excited about it. I’ve been enjoying the PDF, but I’m still pretty excited about having the physical book in my hands.

We're told they should ship from Game Salute's warehouse by the end of the day on Monday. Sorry for the additional delay (some at the printer's end, some at the warehouse's). I'll post around as soon as that happens; don't call or email them saying "hey where is it" until then, as this will interfere with them getting it done!

No problem! Just curious. Hopefully that’ll mean I get it next week! Exciting! Thanks for the update.