The ACKS Registered Campaign System

First off, I'd like to say hello to all of you. I'm Greg Tito and I was one of the contributors to ACKS. I played in the inspiring campaign with Alex as Judge and I've also known Tavis for many years after we played 3.5 together in NYC. I was the one that brought us all together to make Alex's design of ACKS what it is today. I met some of you at GaryCon, and hopefully I'll meet more of you in the coming months at conventions across the country.

With the help of web guru Tim Turner, we have rolled out the ACKS Registered Campaign System on the website. Our goals for this program is to offer the chance for those of you running ACKS Campaigns to attract players, for Autarch to compile a database of experienced ACKS Judges, and to incentivize Judges to go to local Game Stores to participate in Preview Nights run by our distributor Game Salute. The best people to spread the word of ACKS are those of you who are already playing it, and we want you guys talking about ACKS with people by actively playing the game.

The online signup for the ACKS Registered Campaign System is live now. You can name your flavored ACKS campaign, write a short description and flag whether you are looking for players. It's connected to your forum name, so you will have to sign in to for it to work.

The system will be offering more features as they are developed. In the future, we hope to have image hosting to easily share maps or character sketches with your Group, as well as a private forum to discuss your ACKS Registered Campaign. It's a work in progress, so please excuse rough edges and possible bugs. If you ideas for improvements or suggestions, feel free to discuss the system in this thread.

Check out the ACKS Registered Campaign System now.

Happy Gaming!

That’s an excellent idea. I’m not currently looking for players, but am running a campaign. Can I still add my name to the list?

Yes, of course! The Registered Campaign System is your place to tell people about your campaign, whether you are looking for players or not. Would you be interested in running a sample adventure at your local store?


“Would you be interested in running a sample adventure at your local store?”


I think there is a glitch in the system. Or maybe it’s not for people living outside the Americas? I selected ‘Not in US or Canada’ but it wouldn’t accept that and made the box red. So I’m listed as Alberta even though I’m in the UK.

Thanks for pointing that out Tywyll. We'll look into the problem.


@Tywyll - Thanks for making us aware of this problem. I have corrected the problem, updated your campaign to say "No in US or Canada" and approved it so it will appear on the list.

Thanks guys! And let me just say, I think this is an awesome program! :slight_smile:

Ooh. I quite like this idea, but think I’m currently a bit too nomadic (both geographically and between campaigns) to register anything solidly. In good time.

Don't worry about that Jedavis. Feel free to register even if you're mobile. We just want to know that our fans are playing!


The Registered Campaigns have been really great to review, guys. I look forward to reading the concept for your camapigns whenever I get a message that a new one has been added.

Check out your fellow Registered Campaigns and see what kind of games your fellow DMs are running.