The Autarch Online Treasure Generator is Awesome

Just wanted to say.

If you haven’t tried it:

I agree. Very awesome.

Here, here. I just noticed it myself and have been really impressed - it’s nicely done!

All praise must be directed at our awesome web lord, Tim Turner, who put twice as much time in as planned to make sure the results and format were Judge-friendly.

Hey, not sure if this is a bug or intended, but it never seems to generate more than 1000 of any single coin type. I believe all the rest are being converted into trade goods. I don’t think this is how it’s supposed to work…

I am impressed with the generator. I dabbed into creating one with javascript before, but it does not look as nice as this one, neither has all the options that this has for generating magic items and potions.

Great job!

I like it quite a bit, but I wish it would do random encounters, lair, and treasure calculations, too :-).

Of course, if they added that, I would think of more stuff to wish for. I’m always greedy like that :-).

Thank you all for the complements! I am glad you are finding the treasure generator useful and easy to use.

@jedavis - If there is more than a thousand coins then the random factor kicks in and it will do random stuff. Of course coins is a still a valid option. If you see you never get any coins then let me know for sure as it might be a bug.  I will do some test as well.

@Cameron - We will be adding more cool toys as we go forward. Currently I am working on a character generator.


Re: the 1,000 coins thing.

Let’s assume we rolled 5,000 platinum. On p. 209, we would roll 1d10 for each “lot” of 1,000 pp.

A 1-4 gives us a good, while 5-10 gives us 1,000 pp. The range of possible results are:

07.8%: 5,000 pp
25.9%: 4,000 pp + one good
34.6%: 3,000 pp + two goods
23.0%: 2,000 pp + three goods
07.7%: 1,000 pp + four goods
01.0%: 0 pp + five goods

The generator has this range of results:

100.0%: 1,000 pp + four goods

With that said, I personally don’t have a problem with this. I’ve been using it to stock a dungeon level 1 with 63 rooms and huge whopping gobs of treasure, and I actually prefer for most of the treasure to be non-coin and difficult to transport. And for those times that I felt coins were more appropriate, since each 1,000-coin-chunk is listed separately, it has been relatively easy to convert back.

The only thing that might make things easier on the Judge is to have "GP: ", "EP: ", or equivalent listed in front of each chunk, so I don’t have to remember what each one probably was before it was transformed into goods.

I will check into that for sure and I should be able to easily add the "GP:","EP:" in front of the goods chunk.

Heh. This is awesome. The funny part was that as I was reading the core rulebook the first time (today) my immediate thought when I came to the treasure section was that I should write an online generator. I came to the forum to ask a question about an ambiguity in treasure types H, N, and R and found this. (Glad I found the ambiguity, or else I might have gone to the trouble of coding the thing before finding out I was reinventing the wheel!)

Anyway, I used it to answer my question about the ambiguities (at least as interpreted by the person who coded it), but in the process noticed what might be an obscure bug: Treasure Type H gives a 25% chance of 3 “any” magic items. However, the generator only seems to ever spit out 2.

Does the generator go so far as to check for special powers of swords? (For instance, does it check for sentience and when finding it assign an ego and motivation and alignment?)

Oh, one other thing: I’ll second the bug report above. It definitely isn’t allowing more than one lot of each coin type to remain as coinage. It should be rare for all the coin lots but one to convert to special goods, but here it’s happening every time.

It is probably due in part to the difficulty that would be inherent in combining the lots of non-converted coins. But if that’s the case, then there’s no pressing reason that they must be combined. Five lots of 1000sp don’t necessarily need to be listed as 5000sp. They could be listed as “1000sp, 1000sp, 1000sp, 1000sp, 1000sp.” (For that matter, if the third one converted, it could be listed as “1000sp, 1000sp, 2 barrels of beer, 1000sp, and 1000sp.”) It wouldn’t like -quite- as elegant as combining the coin lots, but it would more accurately reflect the rulebook than having everything convert in order to avoid the problem.

(Please don’t misconstrue any of this as anything other than constructive criticism. This tool is awesome, and will be seeing much use. I’m just trying in the only way I can to help make it even better.)