The Books Are En Route! I Say Again, the Ravens Are Flying! I say Again, the Nazgul are Riding!

KS backers! I'm pleased to report that our fulfillment house has now received all of the books and orders are now going out! Conqueror, King, and higher-tier backers will receive their books directly from the fulfillment house. Conquerors and Kings of Foreign Lands will receive their books from DTRPG using print-on-demand at-cost coupons. I hope you all enjoy the books in print!

I will soon hold my own book (BCK) in my hands!


I will soon hold my own book (BCK) in my hands!


Congrats! it must feel good to see your own work in print.

This is my second book in print; I have several others in PDF-only format. But each physical book I wrote is an excitement!

Shipping notification my books are on the way!!

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