The Complete Equipment Book!

Hi Guys!

Did you ever though about doing some sort of a Complete Equipment Book? or even The Complete Economy Guide? Considering the level of economic forethought in ACKS in regard of the game world economy I would love to have a book by my side that I’ll be able to flip to various tables and look up prices and availability.

I’m thinking that a book like that could be system neutral and useful for folks who don’t play ACKS.


Just speculatively, I wonder how well the prices in Expeditious Retreat Press’ A Magical Society - Silk Road line up with ACKS? I won’t be able to figure it out myself until I get some free time at home, since I don’t have a PDF copy.

Good question about Silk Road, let me know what you find out!

I've thought about doing a book with packages of retainers and henchmen - so that if you need to do a diplomatic mission you can just be like "let's get a court entourage" and then see whether you want the basic, complete, or deluxe version and how much each one costs.

Strongholds and fortifications is another thing I'd like to have priced out for use with high-level characters.

From what I recall, "A Magical Society - Silk Road" does not match up with ACKS very well. They seem to have used different baseline prices from different eras than we selected. 

Anyway, I love the idea of a Complete Equipment Guide. I enjoyed the various equipment books that Wizards/TSR produced, but was always frustrated at the fact that the prices didn't make sense relative to each other.

Do it do it do it do it do it!!! :slight_smile:


ACKS vs Silk Road Prices

  • Hen: 3sp vs 2cp
  • Sheep: 2gp vs 2gp
  • Pig: 3gp vs 3gp
  • Cattle: 10gp vs 10gp
  • Horse: 40gp vs 75gp
  • Warhorse: 250gp vs 400gp

ACKS light infantry: 6gp/month
Silk Road warrior 1: 6gp/month

    Common Merchandise (per lb)
  • grain: 1.25cp vs 5cp
  • preserved fish: 6.25cp vs 8sp
  • wood: 6.25cp vs 4sp
  • salt: 1.25sp vs 5gp??
  • ale: 1.25sp vs 4cp
  • lamp oil: 3.3sp vs 1sp
  • tea: 1.5gp vs 5gp
  • preserved meat: 2.5sp vs 1.5gp ...
  • glass: 4gp vs 10gp

So livestock is congruent in the middle but divergent at the ends, trade goods are often off by an order of magnitude, and late-night skimming isn’t finding me any documentation of Expeditious Retreat’s assumptions & sources that compares with what Autarch has given us. It does remind me how padded and eclectic their writing feels. 4 pages of specific herbs & spices in the trade good table, 5 varieties of tobacco, but no mention of pottery?