The Escapist Recommends Adventurer Conqueror King!

We’re excited to report that ACKS is on the 2011 Escapist Buyer’s Guide!

Editor (and ACKS playtester) Justin Clouse writes:

What primarily sets ACKS apart from other similar games like say Dungeon and Dragons is that it expands character levels beyond just sequential statistical improvement. You follow your characters from the dredges of dungeon crawling, their rise as heroes and finally cementing themselves as leaders and rulers connected to a setting beyond simple for-hire pest extermination or maguffin retrievers. You'll most enjoy ACKS if you're the kind of player or DM that likes their settings to feel like living breathing worlds beyond just the characters line of sight. Want to know how many ships are available for sale in a medium sized town and how long it would take to gather a pirate crew? ACKS has an answer for it.
It's all true. Thanks, Justin!

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