The Great Auran Songbook

As I'll be trying to (ab)use the spellsinging rules here in a bit, I wanted to get a thread started where I can record the fruit of my labors.


Some of these will be new effects, some of these will be an attempt at building a previously-unbuilt spell in order to get it properly categorized.

Unbuildable Spell: Floating Disc

I'm proposing this as a Wall spell.

The disc is 3 ft wide, with a 1 inch height, making a concave surface. This is called a 'spherical cap'. The area of a spherical cap simplifies to 

pi (a2 + h2)

where a is the 'base' of the cap, and h is the height of the cap. For our disc, that comes out to ~7.09 sq ft. That's...not very different from just a flat circle, but, this is ACKS. I'll be using this value to provide a relative value for the area.

Floating Disc


Area: 7 sq ft 0.035
Duration: 6 turns 2
Disc expires if forced >10' away 0.5
Impermeable to creatures 25
Range: 10' .5 (edit, rounding via Ary's post makes no change in ttl)
TTL 0.3

The area is the cost of 7/100ths of a 100' sq ft wall. The range is calculated from the difference in 0' and 30' range in Wall. The 'Disc Expires' multiplier is stolen from Illusion "Effect expires if creature moves - 0.5x".

This doesn't explain anything else about the disc, however - how it carries things, how it's mobile.

After a bit of consultation with L&E, I find that a 2HD spider or beetle could be postulated that can carry 500 lbs (50 stone) at a BME of 1.68/1.62 and a CCF of .426 or .43. Let's assume we've got a spider-shaped 'Unseen Servant' that carries that disc around?


Summon a Creature 65
Duration: Until task complete (carry the disc) 2
Limited to the creature type that carries discs .7
2HD .25
Range: 10' 1
Creature is  limited to behavior expected of Floating Disc .4
TTL 9.1

The duration is until the task is complete (the disc is carried until it pops), and the creature has essentially no interactive parts - it carries the disc the way it carries the disc, cannot be ordered, cannot attack, etc, etc. This is, obviously, the cheesiest of my choices, and I made this as high as possible and as limited as probable without writing a contract. 

It does, however, open up the possibility of higher-level discs, so.

This makes for a total of 9.4, rounded to 9.

I rounded 10' range wall to 0.5 myself, when I was gnomish alchemizing.

Seems easier to use than 0.46 :p