The Hand of Glory

I think this Hand of Glory magic item is cool and it seems especially apropos for an Adventurer Conqueror King campaign where neither dwarves nor elves have anything like infravision. Here's a puzzle: by the rules, how much might such a item cost cost in a typical ACKS campaign? Is 500 g.p. about right or is it off by quite a bit?

Even if it's prohibitively expensive, I'm going to add a few as found-treasure to my game. I agree with the reasons infra/dark vision is nonexistent for ACKS core classes, but I love it when a Thief-type class scouts ahead. Expendible one-use magic items are awesome because; scare resources make for interesting decisions.

Functionally, there’s no real difference between ‘item emits a light only user can see’ and ‘user gains infravision’.

A potion of the Infravision spell (which gives 60’ infravision for a day, apparently) would have a base cost of 1,500 gp. (A version that only gave infravision for 3 turns would be a first level spell, and have only a base cost of 500 gp to make a one-use item of.)

Thanks. I'm going to put it at 500 gp then.