The Haunted Keep

I ran the adventure in the Tom Moldvay Basic Rulebook today. The characters got through the first level of the dungeon, besting the Goblins and Hobgoblins and a Crab Spider. They are now resting up and getting ready to climb through the trapdoor into the catacombs. Great fun!

Great to hear! Did you feel the need to make any changes or did it work as is?

It worked fine as is. Of course I had to create the lower levels of the dungeon and that’s where the party is headed next playing session.

I'm doing this adventure with a new group. Some of the players have never played D&D or any rpgs. They had a great time creating characters, both new and experienced players. I think they had the most fun choosing proficiencies, which is a big part of the appeal of ACKS for me.

There are two Elven Spellswords, and Elven Enchanter, a Shaman, a Mystic, a human Fighter, and a Thrassian Gladiator should be joining us for thre next session. 

I had an encounter with giant bats, and the Elven Enchanter, who had the Beast Friendship proficiency, managed to get a good reaction roll and took the bats on as henchman!