The healing proficiency

I have some questions about the healing proficiency:

How long does it take?
With the “healing an additional 1D3 over night” and the use of Comfrey (regain 1D3 if used right after combat) its somewhat obvious but what about Cure Disease, Cure Poison, Cure Light Wounds and Cure Serious Wounds?

Can it be considered “magical/devine healing”?
This has various effects on things like the mortal wounds table (+1 for cure light or +4 bonus for cure serious on the condition roll if you manage to roll a 14+ or 18+ depending on your proficiency level) or the ability to build up a clerics congregation by charitable castings on behalf of peasants with the various effects of the proficiency (Example: five times per day a 35% chance for 325GP if the cleric has Healing 3 and uses “cure serious wounds” or “neutralize poison”)

Use of healing proficiency takes 1 round.

Using healing proficiency to achieve a Cure Light Wounds or Cure Serious Wounds effect does help on the Mortal Wounds table.

It does not help build up a congregation because it's not a display of the god's power.