The March of Evono


So I just started a blog for my ACKS specific stuff, I have no clue when I'll actually get around to run it but I'm working up an early middle ages style setting set in a sort of weird boarderland. Its got a stringe mix of influances, the overall layout resembles the farming communities along the mississippi before the louisiana purchase, when a chain of french communities sent their goods down the river to a delta port to support the heartlands (in history it was the french island colonies, in my game its a kingdom). This river runs through a march established by a treaty, picture if the islamic state established in spain were way more successful, a treaty happened (establishing the march) and then the islamic state fell. Except there isn't an actual islamic state in this case, their religion more resembles Zoroastrianism, Tengrism, and Neostoicism thrown in a blender. And the "Christian" kingdoms religion is a evangelical revival of a long forgotten sun god taking the form of of a unitarian blend of Atenism and the Sol Invictus cult. So yeah :P Also there will be turtle people, and their equivelent to rome was a vast empire of sorcerer kings who were evil but "at least the trains ran on time" sort of thing. 

And yes alot of the place names are in Esperanto, because I like it and its fun. 

Esperanto was invented for fantasy gamers! Heh. I'll look forward to following your blog. Sounds like a rich melange of source material.

Its a neat little language, and a handy one to use for giving things a consistant feel without creating a whole language yourself. If its good enough for Krypton and the The Landfall Coalition its good enough for my vaugly medeterrainian/french base setting. I could even use Ido and Universal as a dialect. I wish I knew of another easy to use conlang to use for the pseudo moorish emirate. My next post will be about the villiage itself, but I'm trying to work it out so that it will have the complexity of a middle ages manoral estate, but without messing with the domain rules when we get there. 

Also I tend to agree with Muhammad Abd-al-Rahman Barker (his forward for Petty Gods is amazing, also I wrote up Neco the goddess of state sanctioned assasinations), as is evident, and I don't think that religion in RPGs is a nono. Creating believable theologies helps drive the setting, so in my setting there are two organized religions and a vast collection of faith that predates them which loosely resembles the immortals of classic D&D. I'm going to make Bladedancers come from both gender and be the "clerics" of the trinitarian faith, with clerics serving the unitary faith. Priestesses(and priests) will serve both, all the other divine casters come mostly from the earlier hentotheists with the exception that some shamens consider their totems as intermediaries and accept the two newer religions.

Sounds great! I am certainly a believer in religions in RPGs. I've spent a lot of time and energy working on the theologies and beliefs for the Auran Empire setting, and I've always appreciated campaign worlds that do the same. 

Alex: any tips on how to handle the middle ages with the domain system? I haven't even actually gotten the game up and running yet so I'm a while from having to worry about it, but I was just wondering how the manoral system, the european system of "hundreds" and so forth, all fit into the domain system. I mean, looking at the system alot of it can be hand waved.