The New World

I’ve just been reading a thread on the Storygames forum:
The default ACKS setting is a land of decaying empires and ancient ruins.
I’m interested in developing a ‘new world’ - maybe an archipelago, where civilisation is in it’s infancy (in comparison to the Auran Empire). So that when a party from the Auran Empire sail to there, it’s a big deal to the locals.
What do you think ? …and are there any cliches I should avoid ?

When I hear or read “New World,” I immediately think of plains Indians or Mesoamericans; so either of those would be pretty big cliches.

Maybe something like ancient Polynesians ?

The easiest place to put a “new world” in the Auran Empire setting is to the east past the Gates of Argolle, across the Tehonaure (Deep Ocean).
The Auran setting is roughly akin to the Mediterranean, but reversed along the west-east axis, so if you envision America lying to the west of the Mediterranean, it should lie to the east of the Auran Empire.