The Novgorod Campaign

I thought it might be useful to link to my ongoing Obsidian Portal ACKs campaign. You can find the adventure log here. Let me know what you think or if we need to establish a separate adventure log here on the Autarch site.

Question: can your players actually pronounce Aldeijaskjold? That said, I’m quite enjoying your writeup. I’ve been looking at a northeastern-European styled campaign myself, and you have provided me some food for thought.

They can mostly pronounce it at this point. It helps that the person playing Runild is originally from Sweden.

The party has completed their grand diplomatic tour that spanned half of Europe. After a dangerous encounter in an abandoned inn, they made it all the way to Bilyar and returned to their home base in Novgorod. Now they just have to see if their efforts were sufficient and figure out what to do next. Catch up with Kevfalcon’s Companions here.

Great stuff! Do you do weekly or biweekly sessions?

We try to do weekly sessions, but usually end up skipping a week about once a month due to scheduling difficulties.

We’ve had another three sessions since the last update, read about them here:
Greeting Gregarious Giants - The party checks out a stack of treasure maps that they’ve accumulated.
Raiding Rostov - The big war with Rostov finally happens, Kevfalcon gets his domain start in the Belo Ozero underground, and the party directs a siege.
Gearing Up for Gnolls - The party starts clearing hexes and constructing a stronghold, they clear a hex and a half before they run into a problem that requires extra muscle.

Thanks for the update!

Seeing your awesome Obsidian Portal has convinced me I need to set one up for my own future games.

I’m glad that the Obsidian Portal is inspirational. Our party just played through this last session. We ran an additional two parts of D@W:Campaigns and it went very well. A force of 120 men suffered 15 casualties and all of the survivors gained veterancy.

Kicking At’Nas, a christmas dungeon where the party fights a fire drake.
Taming Tanagra, the party establishes its domain.
Hectic hex clearing, the party expands Tanagra and starts constructing the “Audobahn”.
Drugging dragons, the party fights two groups of dragons.
Small update to drugging dragons, the party clears several small lairs.
Disrupting draconic domestic disputes, the party fights two groups of dragons and assists an old friend.

Struggling with Stirge Demons, Kevfalcon finally moves against the rival guilds in Belo Ozero and the party encounters a chapel overflowing with demons.

Stirge demons! Nasty.