The Path of Mavors, Nethack-Style

Goodbye Regdar the Fighter…

You went to your reward with:

15 gems (1580gp)
expensive comb (30gp)
gold necklace (200gp)
jeweled pin (800gp)
bag of holding
chain mail +1
horn of blasting
rod of opening
scarab of death
scroll of ward against magic (partly cursed)
sword +1
war hammer +1
Arto Bellumoi
(text on strategy and tactics)
map of “the exarchate of Theana” (500gp)
treasure map (16,000gp value)
commonplace trinkets (8,000gp)
6 Thulian war masks
4 chain mail
2 shields
suit of Thulian chain
3 axes
3 backpacks
5 barrels of oil
2 barrels of sand
dried rat meat
phalange (relic)
pool of azoth (50-100gp per vial)
rope, rations, supplies
weird metal disc

Vanquished creatures:

61 kobolds
30 orcs
12 eldritch bones
9 giant rats
8 crab spiders
7 fire beetles
6 giant centipedes
3 shriekers
yellow mold
Balfar (gnome)
Guran (dwarf)
Spawn of Arach-Nacha (demonic spider)

13 creature types vanquished
141 total creatures vanquished
68 total locations explored
21 locations with creatures
27 locations with treasure

You were level 2 with 8 magic items and additional treasure worth 31070 gold when you ascended.

(24,000gp of which comes from a single treasure map and 500 lbs. of common trinkets.)

The Oracle has a question: Why did you dispatch Balfar, you heartless knave? :wink:

[Posted because Tavis found it amusing. --GW]