The Player's Companion for the Adventurer Conqueror King System Is Here!

Autarch is proud to announce that the Player's Companion, our first expansion for the Adventurer Conqueror King System, is now available for sale as a PDF and a hardback+PDF bundle.


The ACKS Player's Companion opens up the system's hood and gives you an unprecedented range of flexibility and customization in the characters that define your campaign and the spells they research during play. Like the core ACKS book, the Player's Companion was launched on Kickstarter, where 343 backers contributed $20,622 to make our shared vision a reality. Many shared their feedback as readers, playtesters, and gamers, while some backers made more direct contributions: at the Visionary level and above they specified the subject of illustrations by John & Laura Lakey and Ryan Browning; Legends contributed the characters that we've been using at convention games from Gary Con IV on; and Patron Deities worked with Player's Companion designer Alexander Macris to create some of the new character classes included in the book. All Kickstarter rewards have now been sent to backers, who are reporting at the Autarch forums and the Adventurer Conqueror King community on G+ that the book "looks awesome". We're glad to make it available to the general public!


Thanks to all of this support, we feel that the finished result is much better than we could have made it on our own, and the first review of the Player's Companion concurs: "If you're running ACKS and you want new classes, or if you're really really into DIY classes and spells, this is a must-buy".  The fully bookmarked, printable PDF is $9.99 and is available at DriveThruRPG or direct from Autarch via our partner Game Salute. The hardcover book is 160 pages, and at $35 comes with the PDF as well; it's available from us through Game Salute and their select stores near you.