The Star Spangled Squadron vs The Guardians of the Globe

All told, not sure if this is necessarily the right place to put this. That said, it did feel Ascendant-centric and neither of the two specific subcategories within said forums seemed an especially good place for this hypothetical.

Anyway, I was looking at the following review for Ascendant (Ascendant: physics applied to storytelling | Preview - No Dice Unrolled) and saw that it mentioned Invincible as one of the inspirations for some of the creators for the comic and rpg materials. That got me to thinking, what if these two iconic superhero teams went head-to-head?

I really like Ascendant, having read most of the published material and subscribing to the ridiculously good $3/month Patreon. And on that note, Ascendant is really cool in that the RPG roughly quantifies character capabilities through stats that have actual meaning. So I feel there’s a lot of potential there for hypothetical scenarios and match-ups. I also enjoy Invincible, hence this potential match-up. (Though I’ve mostly just seen the show for the latter, and I hear the comics are quite good too. But I digress.)

In any case, what would my fellow forum-ites have to say about a potential confrontation between these two teams? Who do we think might come out on top? What abilities might be the most impactful or decisive?

What a good question!

My sense is that the Star-Spangled Squadron is about the same power level as the Guardians of the Globe, but that Omni-Man is considerably more powerful. If we assume that the average member is Challenge Rating 750, and there’s 7 of them, that’s CR 5,250.

Since Omni-Man as able to beat all of the Guardians at once, he would need to be of similar or even great CR. Since American Eagle has CR 1,000 at PL 30, we’d be looking at Omni-Man being around PL 34 to 35. He might even be more powerful than that.