There's an OGL Page, is there an SRD i can point players at?

Title pretty much says it all.
I’m pretty sure you don’t want me handing out copies of the word doc or pdf to players so they can see what their options are (players aren’t going to have any clue what proficiencies are, for example).
Is there a copy of the rules stripped of IP that I can send out to my players? I could do it myself, but I’d be afraid I’ve missed something.

We plan to create a hypertext SRD and host it on the website, but it won’t be for at least a few months.

That’s fine.
I don’t want to step on any toes, but I also want to give my players the opportunity to read the rules that are OGL’d. Any suggestions? I can art-strip a copy or something similar, but I’d rather get guidance from you guys first.

I’d just use the word doc, then. It’s very, very close to the final PDF and it doesn’t include any art. The minor mentions of non-OGL content aren’t going to cause any heartbreak.

Incidentally, if everyone was as respectful of IP as you are being, it would be a heck of a lot easier to make a living in the media & publishing business. So thank you for even asking!

I got to say I was hoping for the same thing myself. My players (who I’ll be playing with over Google+) have been asking if there’s anything they can read to give them more of an idea about the game. I was hoping to use bits and pieces from the word doc to pull together a kind of ‘new players brief’, but didn’t want to do that without asking either.

You’re very welcome! ACKS is worth supporting, it’s a fantastic addition to the genre. I’ll do my best to limit distribution to people I’m involved in playing a game with; I’m not going to be putting up the doc on a website or anything. And thank you so much.
Quick question, are the Auran Campaign classes open content or not?

We haven’t decided yet. I think we probably will make them open content, yes, just out of general philosophical support for the genre.

I’ll let my players know that the situation with those classes is fluid.

Is it still possible to download the .doc? I only have an old copy.

Any advice on what to pass to players and how?

For the players I’d just print out Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Any status on the SRD? Has work on it begun?

I’m considering using ACKS for character creation beginning in January, so I was just curious if I should throw together my own document/wiki or wait on your SRD.


P.S. - Is there any plan for a free no-art PDF?