Thief Lord Picture

I am super stoked about Ryan’s art piece for me. I asked for an imposing thief lord - but the trick was to draw him from behind - not an easy task, but Ryan captured it perfectly. I gave Ryan some pretty simple orders for the “frame” pictures, mostly unsure of the size and detail he would have to work with. Those too, he did a fantastic job. The pick pocket in the top left I suggested was in the middle of being caught - and sure enough, that punk is in some serious trouble! The central frame shows off an assassin killing his mark amongst a number of people who are unaware of his presence. It was Ryan’s idea to put it in a Gladiator arena and I particularly like the patrons giving the thumbs down to a gladiators life while this schmuk in the stands gets the thumbs down too! The final three pictures work in treasure maps, smuggling and carousing. All in all, we both felt this was a great showcase of all the work the ACKS authors (and patrons) have put into the the thief rules! So this is a hat tip to everyone who helped the rules come to life!
And thanks Ryan.
Link here:

I love the art pieces that are coming out of this.