Third-Party Product

Matthew Skail, lead designer on The Sinister Stone of Sakkara, has released a set of third-party character classes that support ACKS! Check them out here:


So far it has proven surprisingly easy to own (in PDF form, at least) everything published for the ACKs ruleset :3

I’ll write faster, master. Please just give me more time.

If it helps to make it harder, I can start selling stuff I write.

(I’m actually currently formatting my psionics thing to be a real pdf, which entails also writing the parts that are still placeholders. I haven’t decided whether I’ll try to sell it or not.)

as a general rule, I’m not interested in psionics that don’t serve to make Dark Sun playable in a given rules set… but I’d probably buy your stuff anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m actually not sure how much Dark Sun stuff the OGL covers or if I could get away with writing “Dark Sun ACKS Companion”.

But the reason the psionics stuff exists is because I’m playing in a Dark Sun ACKS campaign :wink:

Thank you! I have many more to come. Three are just waiting on art, one needs a final edit, and then I have…we’ll a bunch more yet to be collated.

I’d buy psionics as long as there were wild talents in it!

Two new classes from DYS Games for ACKS/LL/OSR Clones are now available (for a total of 8). The Black Mage and White Mage! New spells! New ways to play your old magic-user concept. Fantasies that may or may not be final! Check them out, here:

hope to see a compendium, I think it would sell better (10-15 classes, spells)

I was actually thinking about that today. Since I can’t, yet, do bundles (that option is locked for me on OBS for some reason), it wouldn’t be too difficult to create a giant PDF with several classes in it.

I’m debating on just doing all of them, or releasing ‘theme’ groupings but maybe with something extra in them? Not certain on what to do.

For example, would you buy one that had say 5 classes at the cost of 4? Or maybe 5 classes + something unique at the cost of 4, even if you already had one or two?

Just curious.

Well, I would like one pdf with all the classes.

If they are themed (around a concept or type of campaign) I would like to see them presented in different chapters

I also would like at least one free or Pay What You Want so one can understand the differences from your blog (the layout, art, rules, spells and other considerations)

consider also making it free for who already buyed all the classes :slight_smile:

I suppose what I’m getting at is, how many classes should it have? I’ve got 4 on my computer now that are simply waiting for art. I have seven more that need conversions to LL. I’ve got three more that are in my head and need to be written down.

So at what point do I make the compilation? :wink:

If someone showed me they bought all the component parts, I’d be happy to comp a copy of a compilation, or work out some discount if they’ve bought a substantial amount of them.

I probably won’t do a PWYW though. At least not for now.

It can be tricky. From my point of view, I bought all but the two that were celestials and since they don’t fit in my current campaigns, it’s unlikely that I would buy them in the near future. Bringing out a compendium with all of the ones so for wouldn’t generate a sale from me, nor would adding one or two more to the range of ones I have and calling it a compendium - I’d still just buy them as individuals.

However, if I had yet to buy them, I would consider buying a compendium of say 5 classes if I felt that three of more were of use to me and I couldn’t get them singly (or singly at a price that made a difference).

That may or may not make sense, LOL

Hey! Thanks yeah, that makes lots of sense to me. I appreciate it.

People have asked and I listened!
And convinced OBS to give me an exception…

Now available from DYS Games, class bundles!

First there is the Warriors of Light, collecting my primarily ‘Lawful Classes’ in one place!

Then we have the Arcane Masters, which collects my Arcane related classes! Hope you enjoy!

And finally, if you want to get all of my products, there is the Adventurers Guild which contains all the classes so far!

And finally, if you want to get all of my products, there is the Adventurers Guild
which contains all the classes so far!

took this one! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to write something and make confront with your old blog entry :slight_smile:

Thanks for that! Hope you like them!

Thanks for that! Hope you like them!

from a first read I see they are the same (or almost the same) that your old blog post.

I like the LL conversion and the formatting.

Still think that a 1st level spell should not do 1d6 dmg * level (even if it caps at 4d6 for single bolt and 3d6 for area spell) did you build it with PC rules?

The Warden and the Arcist are maybe the most nice of the crop (for me black magic is something different), I like the White mage but I don’t like that he cannot search for rituals so I would change it

I developed a similar concept of magical healer for S&W here:

I will re-build it for ACKS with Companion rules in the near future :slight_smile:


Thanks for the purchase!

Yes, all the spells were built with the PC. Pay close attention to the range. Unlike a lot of mages spells that can be used from far off, this spell requires you be in charge range.

Also burning hands does 5d4 to an area.

Ah, the White Mage should have healing rituals…I think that got cut off. I will edit it and try to update the pdf soon.