Tiefling Hexblade and Racial Custom Class

Inspired by Rachel Ghoul’s post here, rewritten a fair bit to distinguish the race from Zaharans and the class from the spellsword.

Tieflings are descended from nobles of an ancient, decadent human empire that entered into a series of alliances (both military and marital) with the forces of Chaos. They resemble devilish humanoids with an aristocratic bearing, and often have reddish, grey, or stark white skin, horns, and tails. Some have cloven hooves for feet. Tieflings tend to be about the same height (not counting their horns) and weight as humans. Some of these tieflings, known as hexblades, have learned to blend their natural talents at sorcery with stealth and formidable martial skill.

Download Tiefling Hexblade here.

All tieflings require a minimum Intelligence and Charisma of 9 or better.

Class category Values:
• Divine: Tieflings, due to their infernal blood, find it difficult to channel the power of the divine, and thus may not have a Divine Value higher than 1 unless the class requires a Chaotic alignment.
• Arcane: Any build points allocated to the Arcane Value stack with build points allocated to the Tiefling Value for purposes of determining the class’s spellcasting ability (see below).

Value Cost
4 Tiefling + Mage. 2700
3 Tiefling + 2/3 level Mage. 2075
2 Tiefling + 1/2 level Mage. 1450
1 Tiefling + 1/3 level Mage. 825
0 Tiefling 200

Tiefling 0:
• Dark Majesty: The tiefling is a creature of infernal heritage and this grants them a powerful presence that creatures of Chaos intuitively recognize. Such creatures will aid a tiefling when commanded. All tieflings gain a +2 bonus to reaction rolls when encountering intelligent chaotic monsters. Intelligent chaotic monsters suffer a -2 penalty to saving throws against any charm spells cast by a tiefling.
• Dark Soul: The grim embrace of death holds special perils for tiefling characters. Whenever a deceased tiefling rolls on the Tampering With Mortality table, they suffer a penalty on the 1d20 roll of -1 per level of experience.
• Hellblood: The tiefling is immune to normal heat and fire, receives a +2 bonus to saving throws against magical fire, and reduces the damage from it by -1 per die.
• Aura of Flame: When he reaches 5th level, the character may take a round to create an aura of flame around himself once per day. This flame lasts 1 round per experience level, renders the character immune to cold damage, and whenever the character is damaged in melee combat the attacker takes 1d6 fire damage plus 1 point per experience level.
• Infravision: The character gains infravision to a range of 60’.

Additional points allocated to the Tiefling Value stack with points allocated the Arcane Value for purposes of spellcasting, magical research, strongholds, and magic item usability. Add the two values to find the class’s effective spellcasting abilities. For values of 5 or greater, use the following mechanics:

Arcane + Tiefling 5: The class has the ability to cast spells and engage in magical research as a mage, with the class’s spells per level increased by 33%. The class uses its class level for all level-dependent spell ranges, durations, and damages; these are not increased.
Arcane + Tiefling 6: As above, but the class’s spells per level are increased by 50%.
Arcane + Tiefling 7: As above, but the class’s spells per level are increased by 66%.
Arcane + Tiefling 8: As above, but the class’s spells per level are increased by 100%.

When calculating number of spells available, round fractions of ½ or more up; round any smaller fractions down.

Experience Point Progression After 8th Level
Tieflings increase the amount of experience required to gain each level after 8th by 50,000XP.

I dig this ACKSiefied tack on Rachel Ghouls B/X take on the tiefling. It also saves me the trouble of doing this later should I need to.