Time for bonus goal #3

I must have fell asleep, because we were on the egde of $11,000 a few days ago, and now it’s at $14,000 now.
So we get two more classes and a special secret bonus. I can’t wait to hear what it is.

Huzzah! My campaign is just DYING to include the Warlock and Paladin!

I wonder what the next bonus will be? Hobbits? :slight_smile:

Joking aside I would like to see random events table for domains

I still want to know what the Patron Deities are requesting. Maybe we’ll see more than one halfling class. :smiley:

Halflings!! Alex may hate, but fans WANT IT!!

My vote AGAINST halfling. My vote goes to GNOMES

Hey, there are three patron deities. One could ask for a Halfling, another for a Gnome, and a third for a Duck. :slight_smile:

Halflings, Gnomes, Ducks…that’s not funny. :slight_smile:

Ducks rule. I never understood the duck hate.
Then I never understood the issues folk had with nekkid dwarves in WFRP either. :smiley:

Ducks ähem cough … well one could make all into one: roastbeef… no. changed my mind: gnomes. They would become gnome stew…
Seriously, guess i have to do some patron deity veneration, hoping there is a gnome-lover blush among them…

Backers, I’ve just uploaded version 3 of the Player’s Companion. Version 3 includes the long-awaited Paladin and Warlock. It also includes two new never-before-seen races: Nobir, god-blooded heroes from the epics of old; and Zaharans, dark and eldritch people that aspire to become undead.
One of the Patron Deities has requested a gnome. No halflings yet but there’s still time.

If there going to be Gnomes as a player race there has got to be a illusionist class

Yessss…Gnomes. My prayers were heard. time to resurrect the illusionist thread…or better not. My gnomes will get the mystery/druid treatment…

I’d love to see an Avenger class (what EGG thought an “Anti-Paladin” class should be called; hence why the optional Fighter paths in BECMI D&D had Paladin - Law, Knight - Neutral, and Avenger - Chaos).

'Then I never understood the issues folk had with nekkid dwarves in WFRP either. :smiley:
The Players Companion - so much to answer for - one of the players has constructed a Tattooed Love Dwarf using the custom class rules. ‘It gets lonely deep down in the vaults’

I almost want you to explain that but then I almost dont