Total Eclipse over Aura: Panic?!

What dire consequences might a total eclipse over Aura portend? The dead rising?! Mass hysteria?!

But the re-emergence of the Sun might be cause for celebration?

According to theologians, an eclipse of the sun over Aura is one of the signs of the Awakening. It is known to correlate with a decline in the proximity of the Empyrean Heaven and an increase in the proximit of the Chthonic Darkness.



Which might happen pretty regularly. The Saros cycle governs this (  It probably would have been known to the loremasters of the Auran Empire.

If the relationship between Cybele and it's Sun and Moon are as the real world, there's a handy-dandy page for finding how many times Doom approaches here:

IIRC, Aura was placed around 39N/0E in lat/long when we'd talked about it..just a hair east of Valencia, Spain; and you were shooting for something like 300AD in related timeline, yes? There are totals that brush it in 265, 291, 359, 408, 412, 447, many annulars mixed in there, and a direct hit by a total in 292.

That map I'd done, now that I'm much further in my abilities with geomapping, is woefully inaccurate, FWIW.

Just got back from my own little encounter with Encroaching Doom. If anybody missed it, try again in 2024, it's worth it.

Koewn, the longitude of 0E is not 0E Greenwhich, it's 0E because Aura is the 0 point for its own longitude. 0E longitude for Aura translates to approximately 12.4E on our own globe; it's at the longitude of Rome.





Alakryum, Opelenea

34⁰ 30’N

5⁰ 12’ W

Arganos, S. Argollë

36⁰ 50' N

6⁰ 18’ E

Aura, Tirenea

39⁰ 30’ N

0⁰ 00’

Gandhin, Somirea

35⁰ 00’ N

10⁰ 50’ W

Istakahr, Kemesh

34⁰ 40’ N

7⁰ 18’ W

Kavala, Krysea

35⁰ 10’ N

3⁰ 00’ E

Pireus, Nicea

36⁰ 40’ N

2⁰ 12’ W

Réamhrá, N. Argollë

47⁰ 10’ N

6⁰ 07’ E

Thereyn, Rorn

44⁰ 10’ N

1⁰ 12’ E

Thure, Rorn

47⁰ 50’ N

1⁰ 48’ E

Uttar, Somirea

36⁰ 10’ N

9⁰ 10’ W

Zahar, The Waste

33⁰ 40’ N

6⁰ 40’ E

Zhapur, Kemesh

31⁰ 20’ N

6⁰ 54’ W

Zidium, Celdorea

39⁰ 00’ N

8⁰ 00’ W

That said, those were estimates I did by hand. It would be useful to re-do this based on the revised map of the Auran Empire and your superior skills at geomapping.