Totally theoretical question about efreets

So, let's say that a group of adventurers had, pretty soon after releasing an efreeti from a bottle, managed to have said efreeti turned to stone. Let's further assume that the efreeti statue was buried to await their return with a scroll of Stone to Flesh, and upon their hypothetical return discovered that the statue was dug up by someone else and used as decorative statuary.  Extrapolating, let's assume the adventurers have managed to negotiate the return of the statue and are about to cast Stone to Flesh on it. However, let's further assume that before retrieving the statue the adventurers gave the bottle to another party member for safekeeping, and so kinda don't have the bottle with them at the moment.

What is the efreet going to do? Is possession of the bottle necessary to control the efreet? This, of course, is totally all hypothetical.

I am not an Autarch, so speaking for how I'd run it as judge:

1) As I rule it, Efreeti Bottles work due to ancient pacts that bind efreeti into mortal service under specific conditions. Any hostile act against the efreet is a violation of the pact, so if the party petrified it, it would no longer be bound and it would be free to demand reparation on pain of it either attacking (if it thought it could win) or having invisible stalkers dispatched to attack the party at inopportune moments. The City of Brass takes a dim view of pact-breakers.

2) Otherwise, I would have the efreeti bottle be the thing that determines control, but have the efreet say that the period it was petrified counted against its service - after all, it was willing to serve, and it's not its fault that it was unable to perform any of the services it might have ordered to perform. If the efreet has time left in its servce, it would return to the bottle, in the absense of any conflicting orders by the holder of the bottle.