Training non-wild animals

My player’s character has purchased a bunch of young horses (not wild, per se, young horses bred in captivity that have not been trained yet) and we were wondering how long it takes to train riding horses v. warhorses. I’m assuming there is the one month initial time to “make the animal safe for handling” (p. 58, Core, even though they are not wild animals), plus a number of months equal to the number of tricks they are to learn. So, I guess what it boils down to is how many tricks must a horse learn in order to be considered a riding horse. How many to be considered a war horse?

My hunch is that all this will be addressed in the upcoming “Book of Lairs”.

This is covered in Domains at War: Campaigns.

Mount training is 5 tricks. War mount is 8 tricks. (D@W:C page 32).

I am continuously amazed by the amount of useful information one can find in D@W.

It is seriously astounding.

I think ACKS Campaigns might be an overall more accurate name for it than ACKS Domains at War Campaigns :p. It’s just fantastically useful for any campaign, whether or not war is involved.

(Battles is harder to make a case for being useful in campaigns that have no war. Still, however, an excellent book, it’s just more specialized.)

I wonder if you have to decide before the training what resulting horse you want or if “failed” war horses just become riding horses.
Same with hunting dogs and war dogs…

Given that it’s an additive process, personally, I would allow them to be the lesser-trained type.

A war horse that you can’t ride is pretty useless, so I assume they’d teach them to be ridden first. Especially since you don’t get to learn an animal’s trick limit until you reach it, and rolling an 8 on 2d4 is not the most common thing in the world.

(I am not an Autarch, that’s just what I’d do.)

Makes sense when its additive. What about creatures where this is not the case? Are the increased number of drop outs already factored into the price of the trained animal?