Treasure Conversion?

Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere. I was comparing LL / Basic treasure tables to the ACKS tables, and it looks like there is a lot more gold coming down the pipeline in ACKS. Have you guys worked up a rough conversion between the two economies? For example, if I wanted to run Stonehell in ACKS, is there a multiplier I should apply to the treasure values listed in Stonehell? I didn’t see that in the book, but maybe I missed it.

I’m also curious about this, as I’m planning on using Stonehell Dungeon with ACKS as well.

We’re actually reviewing the treasure tables as part of making sure every component works with the ACKS framework. But right now the treasure tables should be at approximately the same values as those in LL and B/X. Where are you seeing vastly more gold appearing? It’s possible we’ve erred egregiously.

I should clarify that it just looks like more treasure to me, but I could be wrong because there are so many differences and I lack the statistical skills to tell if it’s roughly the same. The final amounts may come out the same, I’m not sure without generating a lot of treasure.
Me trying to work it out:
Goblin lairs in LL are class XX, class C in ACKS. To look at silver pieces, ACKS has a 60% chance of 5d4 hundred SP. LL has a 30% chance of 1d6 thousand. So ACKS has a 60% chance of a likely amount of 1000-1600 SP, LL a 30% chance of average 3000 SP. So maybe it’s higher in LL?
Anyway, they’re hard for me to compare, and knowing whether there roughly similar or a conversion needs to be done would be awesome.
Thanks all!

ACKS has .6 * 1250 SP (the average of 5d4 * 100 SP) = 750 SP on average.
LL has .3 * 3500 SP (the average of 1d6 * 1000 SP) = 1050 SP on average.
So, LL has (if you loot enough lairs, otherwise it’ll just feel like random chance) 300 SP per lair more treasure.
If you want to get a feel for die rolls, try Anydice, this link shows both the above results (without the 60% and 30% chances figured in):

Cool, thanks. That’s definitely close enough not to matter, I think.